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Everyone's A...Technician

Tailored Backstage (Costume, Set, Light, Film, Prop, Effects Sound) Production Curriculum with Innovative Insightful and Dynamic Pick N Mix Resource

Each unit of programme is accompanied with leading Icons, Stars, and Specialists from around the world, bringing to 'Everyone' events and workshops

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Everyone's A.. Technician. Microphone
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..Technician : Testimonials

Performing Arts Student: 2005-2012, West London

Miss Oliver helped the school to set up a recording studio! It was incredible.

She then taught me how to use it and even helped me to record me singing for my aunt’s funeral (in case I was unable to perform live like my aunt had asked me to).

Using the recording studio gave us so many opportunities in our education. We even completed a whole module at A-level in recording our voices performing different things including train announcements, reading stories and radio style announcements. This encouraged me to then go on to attend a 2 week work experience at a local radio station.

This was such an amazing experience and I am so grateful to Miss Oliver for the things she had taught me before I had this experience.



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