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Welcome To 'Everyone's A... '

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We have all had family members, parents in school, fellow teachers and the students themselves say.. ‘I can’t dance, I have no musical bones in my body, not artistic’, and the ‘arts are for those talented ones only’.

For us, we have heard this for over 20 years, smile, and together with a school department transform the curriculum and assessment structure along with the learning approaches into exceptionally easy access. That’s ‘Everyone’s A’… Whether this is a Dancer, Artist, Musician, Thespian, Technician and Vaudeville all is possible, and our past projects are a wonderful advocate of what is in-reach, measurable and fun.

How is this even possible?

We fully understand the two sides of departmental academic arts learning and the external ‘skill-based learning’, referred to as value-added examination structures. Our expertise is to bring the quarters of academic learning, creative private skill, commercial opportunity and entertainment as ‘one’.

We are qualified with an active experience from a variety of roles: classroom teacher, head of department, Coordinator though to private tutor, coach, professional performing artist and touring practitioner.

The Everyone’s A.. concept is a tested and critically acclaimed approach, with case studies of outstanding success since 2000, reaching 35,000+ students, 14 schools, across 5 countries, and 3 continents.

The opportunity ‘knocks’ for your organisation, school, tutor centre, college and Kinder-garden, around the world to bring our ‘Everyone’s A..’ Innovative and feasible access to your teachers and student community.

Where has Everyone’s A.. come from.

Our founder, Kirstin Oliver, started her music lesson and was given a school flute at the age of 13 in Nottinghamshire. She quickly discovered back in the ‘90’s that nether the classroom curriculum and what she was learning in her instrumental class, matched, and/or no communication between the two.

This divide continued for her in dance, theatre and art inside and outside of school, and stepping out from the then ‘3rd lowest academic resulted school’ in the UK, there was no equipment, or specialist teachers, or funding to support her journey. She realised at a young age, the value of grading in academic subjects verses the dismissal of her skill value examinations in the arts, with no end of year school reports and acknowledgement to support funding a new instrument or attend a dance-theatre workshop/audition/arts hub.

This all got her thinking ‘Everything of the arts should be for everyone’. As long the concept comes together, a ‘chunking’ approach that is appropriate to who is in the classroom in units, topics, formative and summative accountability that ‘anyone’ can grasp.

Qualifying in 2000, as 1st Cohort of PGCE in both Instrumental and secondary Classroom with distinction. Her goal in exploring new curriculum design and the access to everyone, has turned into reality, behind closed doors until today.

Click into the website for further details on who in the past, of international icons, stars, and touring specialists have appeared directly into the classroom in academic as a ‘creative light-bulb’ of inspirations.

Look out for series of past project blogs, mentioned in the e-brochure of partnerships with leading Manufactures, Games Designers, Arts Associations, and Examination Boards’ pilots, all with the same aim, ‘Everyone’s A…’

The testimonials span from teachers and students to Ofsted, IB, GCSE, ABRSM and independent Inspectors quoting ‘light years ahead’ ‘outstanding’ ‘breathtaking’… has pushed her and the ambition of Everyone’s A.. to you.

Why chose us? Is this for me?

We understand completely the complexities in designing a curriculum accompanied by all the unit learning resources, combined with attracting ‘onboard’ the methodology and costs involved for an arts subject, when not acknowledged as having an academic focus. This is a challenge we enjoy, and work with you to provide those pieces of the jigsaw required.

We ‘start from your starting point’ and ‘your request’. Therefore Everyone’s not imposed or pre-set ‘one approach fits all’ in units, schemes and activities. We develop a bespoke programme which supports all your academic and communicative cultural/ wellbeing agenda. This is inclusive to support private tutors, peripatetic as well as full school systems.

We introduce topics and tools of activities, usually seen as ‘how on earth did you do that, for that age group?’. Therefore providing a more holistic approach in ‘cross curriculum’ and ‘extended learning’ for your students, parents, and wider community.

For instance, past units have included:

·1) The legend of a Church Gargoyle (Grade 2 -5-6 years old):

Subjects: Culture, History, Everyone’s a…Artist, Musician, Dancer and Thespian.

·2) Design the Spanish Amanda: (Grade 7-8 -11-13 year olds):

Subjects: Maths, Languages, Humanities with Everyone’s A.. Technician, Musician

and Artist.


3) ‘Frequency & Heat’ renewable Energy: Grade 5-6 – 8-10 years old

Subjects: Science, Humanities with Everyone’s A.. Musician.

What’s the cost/catch?

There is no catch, or hidden costs, though Everyone’s A…is a Limited Company (Ltd). We are transparent and showcase at year-end accounts, that are inline to your requirements.

1. Department Subject Design

2. School – College -Curriculum design

3. Learning Resources per Art Form

4. Events

5. Teacher/Tutor Training

We deliver, design, construct, train and monitor, once completed, to everyone’s in your teams’ strengths.

Discuss with us, and we will work together on what is the appropriate funding sources to achieve your goal. Whether this is for an Individual, a School, an Umbrella of schools and colleges, a Council Unit or wider.

Our subjects

Each of Everyone’s A.. art form subjects have a specialised ‘core’ and extended learning programmes, depending upon the age and appropriate SMART study targets per academic year as G&T, SEND, KS1-5, and/or End of Study exams..

The Technician is in reference to production and creative ‘backstage’ arts, whether costume, set, props, sound technology, film and animation departments and more..

Vaudeville is circus and variety act skills. Circus today is usually disguised within Thespian (Drama), Dance and PE (Physical Education)

We discuss in further blogs the ages, skills baseline, and the particular art form genres under a ‘Classical’ ‘Contemporary/Modern’ and ‘Cultural’ umbrella.

E-Brochure: Please click to download:

Everyone's A.. E-Brochure_
Download PDF • 6.23MB

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