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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

I you are hunting for videos you can use inside a lesson presentation and/or events to support your students learning, or even a homework task, and a piece of supportive watching/learning.. look no further

Over the Covid period, the team in Everyone’s A.. and the sister company, Oeuvre A Participatory Service have created a series of Groups, full of illustrations, demonstrations and interesting facts for you to use.

Everyone’s A… Facebook Groups.

Join our face-book page directly or search the art form specific group page online.

Each group is open to Teachers, Learners, Parents and Tutors, and you are able to share links, stories and video clips. This is a free group, and closely monitored to ensure no posts of adverts and spam.

We do post our forthcoming events, and artists who are conducting events tailored to 0-19 years, in your subject and age group. The school and group booking virtual service are included in the links and a member of the Oeuvre team, are ready to support you.

Bring in the Groups.

Please find below the direct links to each of Everyone’s A… groups, click the picture.

Everyone’s A…. Artist

Everyone ‘s A…. Dancer**

Everyone’s A…. Musician

Everyone’s A… Technician

Everyone’s A… Vaudeville.

** There is a special blog announcement coming in regards to the community facebook group: 'Everyone's A.. Dancer,. We are exploring a approach...


You will noticed across our social media and school e-blasts, promotions and discount codes. These are all to support your extended learning programmes and open the creative innovations of the arts sector, to you and your students.

Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd. Facebook Groups

The Oeuvre Groups are open to the public, are per art form, and showcase a wider depth of Arts events for all ages. These are posts and blogs in relation to employment into the Arts Sector, though Oeuvre commissions. These groups are not designed for children.

Oeuvre: Fine Art

Oeuvre: Music

Oeuvre: Visual Art

Oeuvre: Dance

Oeuvre: Crafts

Oeuvre: Theatre & Cinematic

Oeuvre: Circus & Variety

Oeuvre: Alternative Arts

Like, Follow and Emoji

Everyone's A.,.. is on all social media platforms and web searches. Each are accessible on your mobile phone and/or computer.

Facebook: @Everyonesa

Instagram: @everyones_a_Da_Mu_Th_Arts

Twitter: @SaEveryone

Linkedin: Everyone's A... Artist, Dancer, Musician, Technician, Thespian, Vaudeville Ltd

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