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Oeuvre Series: 'Critique' for Groups

Would your ensemble, dance troupe, circus team, and drama society benefit from a professional critique?

Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd, is opening soon our unique series, Critique is led by top professional’s per art form, to provide a digital service, designed for everyone in your group/team to flourish.

Who is eligible?

This is a critique for all types of group/ensemble ‘digitally’. The critique is open to the following Art forms, at this stage we are gathering conductors, and group/team directors who have groups, who may be of interest.


o Chamber and Small Ensembles

o Orchestra’s

o Marching Bands

o Pop-Rock Bands

o World Culture Ensembles

o Choirs

o Opera Companies


Circus & Variety Act ** of ALL genres

o Groups of 2+

o Troupes

o Teams

·Dance ** of ALL Genres

o Groups of 2+

o Battle/Contest Squads

o Teams/ Formations

o Company


o Dramatic Societies

o Physical movement groups

o Musical

o Contemporary sketch, series Groups

o Radio Groups.

· Visual Arts ** and other Art form Specialists. Email please.


Sub Genres, and Instrumentation

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of sub genres, and instrumentation. This is set by the professional and all Critique Ambassadors are leaders of their field, and trained to provide your ensemble/group the appropriate measure able critique that is direct and positive.

How does a Critique?

You as the group leader will be able to browse and select the appropriate Ambassador and the type of critique you wish. You are able to book directly, submitting digitally a video recording of your group, that includes all the members of the team clearly.

In return the Ambassador provides within 7 days a comprehensive critique, complete with live action annotation, written and verbal commentary and demonstrative tips and tools for each member of the group to further flourish.

Once you receive your critique, you are included into an Oeuvre Critique Facebook community. This is where, in your Art form, you are able to meet and share a wider community experience, in ideas and everyone’s progress.

Is there a target age or type of group?

No, the moment you feel your team will benefit is the perfect time to browse, upon who you feel will be the ‘best fit’.

The following list is a summary and not exclusive, please contact us and discuss with us your ensemble/group.

  • Primary to 6th form: 4-19 years old

  • Inclusive: SEND (all ages)

  • University Learners: Foundation to Postgraduate

  • Community groups / Ensembles

  • Non-Profit Groups/ Ensembles

  • Amateur Societies/Groups

  • Unsigned Groups/Teams

  • Emerging Artists (groups)

  • Other ** please email us

Are the Critique Ambassadors Trained?

Yes, all Art Form Ambassadors have regular team training together, and share ‘tool’s and tips of their experience amongst each other. Thus, ensuring everyone is able to provide insight to you, of industry current trends.

There are monitored critique training sessions, and if your critique seems like a benefit for all members of the art form Ambassador team, you will be emailed for your permission to share as a training example. The education communication skills are shared in current trends of appropriate positive coaching, active ensemble engagement and learning for everyone

Is this expensive?

No, the cost is calculated per person, and we ask upon booking, further information on the registration type of your ensemble. The intention of all events of Oeuvre, is ‘full participation’.

A Video welcome:

Lee Jae Phang is our Critique Ambassador of Oeuvre from Malaysia. He is a leading concert pianist, and is looking forward to meeting your duo, trio, quartet and larger piano ensembles.

Contact us

There will be further blogs and E-blast’s, as the Critique Ambassadors announced grow.

Everyone’s A E-Brochure:

Everyone's A.. E-Brochure_
Download PDF • 6.23MB

Email to register your groups interest in Critique:

Website for information:

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