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Have your Say..

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

It is exceptionally rare for a limited company in Arts Education, to ask you directly.. what works for you? What do you need? What would you like to have?, what do you cover and require in topic and learning needs?

We do, and we are proud to build new innovations directly for ‘Everyone’ from your answers and suggestions.

Our Market Survey

Everyone’s A.. is sending out to your school, hub, and through the private centre directories, a letter and link to the survey. You may see it on face-book, and within other social media channels.

Our company mission is ‘to provide everyone with innovative and accessible curriculum units, learning resources and co-mapped events through Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd of Tomorrow, Today’.

To do this successfully, we require your help. There are two sections to the form, and the feedback creates to us a key target list of services you state we need to provide. In other words, you are setting us, our year end goals, our summative and ‘SMART’ targets that are each accountable measures to you.

Open to Everyone!

This market survey is open to everyone, who works in the following Education Sectors. We ask what is your current status as Teachers, Tutors, Coaches’, Head’s of Department, Programme designers, Examination inspectors, Associations, Suppliers of Arts and more…

The subjects of focus are:

  • Art

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Technician**

  • Drama

  • Circus/Variety Act

**Technician includes teachers and tutors of costume, set, sound production, props, Film and TV broadcasting/animation and more…

If you are involved in the education sector for 0-19-year old’s, wonderful.. this survey is for you.


This survey is designed for all levels of teacher and tutor from around the world, please do not worry if you feel some questions or accoyn’s are not familiar or appropriate to you. You are able to leave these questions blank.

There is a section specifically designed for Teachers and Tutors in the UK, this is printed in the questions. The other questions are not UK specific and are appropriate for everyone, globally.

Private Data

The data we collect is private. We do not forward emails and answers to 3rd parties, and you do not receive junk mail from us. There are options for you to comment, and no request is made for your name.

The outcomes of the date are collated, and subsidiary designed into new series mapped products, events and curriculum topics, per art form, that are all accessible in demographic suitability for everyone.

The Total %, and/or recurring themes are viewed as ‘phase 1’ in urgency, and these are announced, formed into business bids with accurate data.

If you have a wonderful idea, and wish to share this with us, our email is at the bottom of the blog. We do accredit suggestions provided and email you back for further clarification.

Please be aware, your idea is viewed as a copyright free idea, and further research is conducted to guarantee ‘unique’ and no break of copyright/royalty infringements.

The Survey Link:

Please find below the market survey:

Thank you in advance for spending a few minutes to complete and in doing so, ensuring ‘Everyone’s A…grow’s.

School Letter:

Please find attached the school letter, for your head of department or shop, hub team, if you require permission to take part.

Everyones a.. School Letter
. Marketing S
Download MARKETING S • 1.85MB

Further contact:

E-brochure: Below

Facebook. @everyonesa

LinkedIn Everyone’s A.. Artistic, Dancer, Musician, Technician, Thespian, Vaudeville Ltd

Everyone's A.. E-Brochure_
Download PDF • 6.23MB

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