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Everyone's A...Musician

Tailored Music (classical, Contemporary and Cultural) Curriculum with Innovative, Insightful and Dynamic Pick N Mix Resources

Each unit of programme is accompanied with leading Icons, Stars, and Specialists from around the world, bringing to 'Everyone' events and workshops

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Everyone's A..Musician
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Global PYP (Primary & Early Years) Coordinator & Head of Programme:  2014-2020 in Malaysia, UK, Indonesia

Kirstin (Founder of Everyone's A...) has contributed a lot in the PYP department. As the Director..., she led the Music department in mapping the music curriculum.

She introduced the orchestra in Music where students had to learn both concepts and instrumental to prepare them better for Music Medal/ABRSM exam.

It was really a proud moment when hundreds of kids passed the ABRSM exam during its first roll out. She also directed a few stage drama that involved the 3 programmes.

Her big project..., the Dominus Arts Venue, l was a delightful moment when everyone in school was so happy that we now had a proper venue for our students performance. The introduction of music and drama in school had helped the students to discover their love for the arts and so take their skills forward to the professional level.



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