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Everyone's A..Dancer

Tailored Dance and Performing Movement Curriculum with Innovative, Insightful and Dynamic Pitch N Mix Resources

Each unit of programme is accompanied with leading Icons, Stars, and Specialists from around the world, bringing to 'Everyone' events and workshops

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Everyone's A..Dancer
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..Dancer: Testimonials

We put on a pantomime one year. This is the first show I’d been a part of while at the school.

For one part I had a solo dance piece as I took ballet outside of school. I had not yet learned to pirouette but Miss Oliver gave me a extra lesson and choreographed the short solo dance for me to perform in the show. It was a brilliant show and got me hooked on all of the arts and influenced me to take them all for GCSE, then A-level and then university.

Student:  Ballet role in a Pantomime -2005, London



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