We are 3 Companies, 4 Departments, all under 1 Artistic Rainbow. 
We are critically acclaimed and quoted by our clients as 'Human Engineers for the Arts' 

 Why have a copy, when you can have the 'real deal'!

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Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy Ltd.
Everyone's A..Artist, Dancer, Musician, Technician, Thespian, Vaudeville Ltd Logo
Oeuvre A Participatory Service Ltd
Kirstin Oliver. Arts Consultancy Ltd.  Construction

Kirstin Oliver Arts Consultancy 
Construction Services

Artistic Beauty at your Fingertips

Welcome to the bespoke elegance of our  Construction services.   We specialise in the concept to interior design of builds and structures of the performing and creative arts. 

In particular new builds, renovations and temporary structures for schools, colleges, who are looking for that connection to the commercial public arena

A Participatory Service Ltd

Bespoke produced and promoted events, suitable for Everyone..

We specialise in Live attendance and digital events, through series that are all 'active' for you to 'join in'

Our series are led by industry expertise, whether from the Performing, Creative, Visual and alternative Arts sectors. 

Programmes are connected through the learning resources, and content design to Everyone's A... in Academic and Value Added accreditation, Outreach and Cultural Participation outcomes. 

Everyone's A...

Arts curriculum and resource of Tomorrow today

We specialise in departmental inclusion and elevation in your Arts curriculum structure, accompanied by tailored learning events and digital to active learning resources for 3-19 year olds as..




-Thespians (Actors/Actress)

-Technicians (Backstage)

-Vaudevilles (Circus)

Kirstin Oliver
Arts Consultancy Ltd

Artistic Touring Services

We specialise in youth and professional artistic touring and services, of the Performing and Creative Arts Sector. 

We have lived in expertise for travels to the UK, Asia and Oceania

We are trained and Heads of School qualified educators, very accustomed to the additional requirements of Safeguards, Student ID, youth performance regulations and more..